A weekend at a CrossFit Level 1 training class

A weekend at a CrossFit Level 1 training class

Experience "Fran Lung" for no extra charge.

I awoke early, bizarrely early for a weekend. Feeling a sense of apprehension, if not out-and-out dread, I drank coffee laced with coconut cream, and packed a lunch of steak salad. My stomach was a bit unsettled and eating breakfast did not appeal, yet I forced myself to eat some turkey roast and fruit.  I knew that I’d need energy for the morning ahead. 

Several months ago, I had signed up for non-refundable CrossFit level one training, and after I did it, I wondered why. True, I love the sport, but I haven’t had a burning desire to coach others, although I realized it would help my gym out if I could pick up classes now and then to give the regular coaches an occasional break. The sad fact is though, that I’m completely un-athletic, and uncertain about training others. 


The seminar coaches were all excellent, and offered great opportunities to learn and observe movements, and then make coaching tips to help the athletes improve form, efficiency and safety. Under their tutelage, my ability to see movement expanded. 


One of my favorite parts was learning how to coach the elements of the infamous benchmark worked called “Fran.” Inspired by the seminar staff and the fellow trainees, I set a personal record (PR), and was able to bask in the glow of “Fran Lung,” which seems to be a type of exercise induced asthma.


Now that I’ve completed the course, and I’m back at the gym, I find myself looking at athletes’ form, and being able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. I’m also better able to correct my own form, and I better understand how good form will help over time. Now that I’ve experienced the intensity it took to PR Fran, I crave that feeling again. I may not ever coach others, but I’m improving as an athlete.