When is your best time to work out?

When is your best time to work out?

Various time frames can offer advantages and disadvantages.

It’s not unusual for a new gym goer to try to figure out the best time to work out. Many factors can come into play, and various time frames can offer advantages and disadvantages. At the gym I go to, we have a dedicated group of people who work out in the early mornings. Many of these people have work and family obligations. They don’t want to give up family time to go to the gym after work, so they get up early to fit it in.   

That free time after work can be a strong advantage. This group doesn’t tend to hang out and socialize after the work out. Some gym goers might miss that aspect. For people who are night owls, working out in the early morning may seem impossible. 

Noon is another popular time to head to the gym. People who work close by their gyms may find they can easily slip out for an hour or so and work out. Working out at noon can provide a welcome break in the day. When I’ve done this, I always found myself returning to work feeling refreshed and de-stressed. On the downside however, depending on job responsibilities, it might be difficult to break away for lunch. 


The hours immediately after work brings in another large group. Going to the gym before going home can be a nice transition. This timeframe seems to work best for people without family obligations. 


Other people will go home from work, spend some time there, and then head out later in the evening. A downside is that a workout before bedtime may make it difficult to sleep. This option may work best for night owls. Other people like to mix up the times they work out. Mixing up your work out time will challenge your body, and you’ll have a chance to meet new people.