A weekend of yoga instructor training

A weekend of yoga instructor training

What a delicious break it proved to be.

From a lusciously lazy summer, to a busy and brisk fall, my commitments, and my stress level, had been rising with the colors of the changing leaves. As a part-owner in a  small, start up gym, I’d been facing some difficult and unpleasant personnel issues. I needed a break, yet breaks are not so easy to take when running small businesses. 

I did however, have several days of yoga instructors training to look forward too. I decided to stop thinking about business issues, and get the most I could out of the training. And what a delicious break it proved to be. 

First, I’ve always felt that “yoga people” are very nice, and all the people I met this past weekend fit that stereotype. The support staff, the class instructor, and the other students, many who are currently yoga teachers, were all warm and welcoming. The experienced trainers were generous with sharing their experiences and tips. 


Secondly, the practices were calming. Even though there was a lot of material to learn, and we had long hours of training, followed by evenings of homework, the yoga sessions our trainer led us through helped alleviate any stress I felt. This was exactly what I needed. 


Thirdly, the gym membership is looking forward to the addition of yoga to our offerings. Many have practiced yoga in the past, and are supportive of me being a new trainer. The business issues are still there, yet by taking a break, and embracing a calming practice, I feel much more confident in my ability to handle whatever challenges come my way. 


If any of you have developed a yoga practice, please share your experiences. If you aren’t practicing yoga, are you interested in beginning?